• Famous3:56
  • Leave Me Alone3:24
  • Silly Lil Thot2:56
  • Rolling4:01

  "Almost Famous - Vol 1" is the first solo project from Famous and is due to drop in early 2015.  "Almost Famous - Vol 1" incorporates Famous love of (The Streets, The Struggle, Money and Most important Marijuana), which Famous considers his main ingredients for creating Mary Music.  The first 2 singles to drop from the mixtape will be Rolling​ - (a Smokers Anthem) which is a collage of: Mary Jane, Partying and the enjoyment of everyday life... Rolling is sure to put you in a state of euphoria.  The 2nd single Silly Lil Thot ft Rasta Kane - is a energetic uptempo play on words of an overly used term "thot"...  

Mr. "Is you rolling" is a 24 year old music artist from the Dc/Md area.  Famous gives you the nostalgia of the "Golden Age" of reggae with a modern Hip-Hop twist.  With his silky smooth flow, Famous illustrates his marijuana escapades through what he calls "Mary Music". 


P.O. Box 100747, Arlington VA 22210