​Lyrically sound, Kevin Ty is the esscence of Washington Dc's spoken word movement. With songs varying from top 40 hits to songs that question political views and songs the illustrate the  struggles of the common man.  Kevin Ty is a bundle of enjoyment with a rebel - like undertone.

Kevin Ty

P.O. Box 100747, Arlington VA 22210

  Kevin Ty's first solo project "Dolo Season" is slated to be one of the biggest independent mixtapes of the year, covering topics and issues ranging from prejudice and injustice to self awareness to Kevin's interpretation of a "Perfect Night".  The go to songs  on this mixtape are: "Martial Law" which is Kevin Ty's take on the current issues and injustices of Urban America, this song is definitely an eye opener. "Perfect Night" featuring Big Footz and produced by Signature is exactly what the title entails and is a definite club banger. 


  • Perfect Night3:49
  • End Of The Day3:24
  • Martial Law3:39